First Floor

Arms and Cane items (1st Floor).

This gallery exhibits both modern and traditional weapons that include guns, pistols, cannons, swords, bows and arrows. The guns were presented by foreign diplomats to the Third and Fourth Kings of Bhutan on the occasion of their respective coronations. Other weapons of war on display are swords, rifles, knives, helmets, and shields.

In this gallery, there is also collection of Cane/Bamboo items. Bamboo/Cane has always been versatile material to mankind since time immemorial. Bhutanese have taken advantage of versatility of this material. Large range of items found and used in Bhutanese homes even today are cane/bamboo products. Large collection of cane and bamboo products like mat, hat, different containers, baskets, trays and many more are on display. The workability and durability of the material and abundance of it in the region have led to creation of fine artisans in cane/bamboo craftsmanship over time and the skill  passed down to next generation. 

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