National History Gallery

Under the aegis of the Government of Denmark and in close technical collaboration with nhg2the Natural History Museum, Aarhus, Denmark, the National Museum of Bhutan, Department of Culture initiated this initiative of setting up this natural history gallery.

Bhutan follows both the path of non-violence and the enlightened philosophy of Gross National Happiness which includes dimensions of Ecological Diversity and Resilience as one of the 9 domains generated as a mind treasure by the 4th King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme SingyeWangchuck.

As of today, Bhutan’s national forest coverage stands at 72% and the constitution requires that we maintain at least 60% of forest coverage at all times. Because the environment and inhabitants are interdependent, their health and well-being are dependent on one another. All living beings come into existence due the presence of numerous causes and conditions and this would also include a suitable and fertile environment. If the natural environment and related ecosystems become destroyed or eroded due to human greed and aggression, many unwanted and unexpected natural calamities and disasters will occur due to these careless actions.

nhg3Therefore, Bhutan is mindfully trying to protect and preserve the natural environment, not only for the benefit of human survival, but also for the sake of ensuring conservation of the natural habitat for all wild animal species and protecting them under the policy of strict conservation measures. There are many sanctuaries and parks within the country that cover almost half of the country’s geographical range in which all the wild animals can live freely without fear of being killed by human.

Moreover, through legislation in the country, no one is allowed to hunt or fish at any spot or area in Bhutan (except through special permission) and these measures are also based on inherent respect towards nature and animals and further influenced by the noble teachings of the enlightened one.

nhg1Therefore, the National Museum would like to also contribute towards and further support these efforts and has undertaken work to establish this small natural history gallery in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in Aarhus under the financial assistance of Danish government in order to educate visitors both within and outside Bhutan on the country’s philosophy related to nature conservation and subsequent efforts and achievements related to this.

There are innumerable species not only in Bhutan but who share the planet globally and whose habitat also requires the five unpolluted elements supports their survival now and their future existence and continuity in the ages to come. May this gallery cast warm and illuminating light on the precious flora and fauna of Bhutan for all to enjoy and experience. May all visitors enjoy happiness and its causes and be further moved, motivated and inspired by our deep inter-dependence on one another.