National Museum of Bhutan


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Natural History Gallery

Bhutan boasts a great variety of plants and animals that thrive in a range of environments from tropical jungle (Southern Bhutan) to high snow bound mountains (Northern Bhutan).

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Ground floor

Below the arms and armour gallery, there are two cell rooms, where prisoners of wars were kept during the time of internal and external strife.

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First Floor

Cane and Bamboo Products, and Arms and Armour (1st Floor) This gallery exhibits both modern and traditional weapons which include guns, cannons, swords, and bows and arrows.

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Second Floor

On the 2nd floor is a rich collection of Bhutanese stamps that were issued by the country’s postal service to commemorate a range of subjects including classic automobiles, Bhutanese wildlife,

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Third Floor

Zhabdrung Gallery, Numismatic, Clothing and Jewelry Collection (3rd Floor) On the third floor is the collection of coins, historic jewelry, and traditional costumes.

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Fourth Floor

Inside the museum entrance on the fourth floor is a small collection of prehistoric items ranging from adzes to earthenware pots collected from

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Fifth Floor

The Chapel of the Wealth Deity The Namsay Phodrang is located in the inner circular chamber on the fifth floor is dedicated to Gyalpo Namthoe Sey

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Sixth Floor

Tshogzhing Lhakhang (Chapel of the Tree of Merit (6th floor). The Tshogzhing Lhakhang comprises of a three dimensional tree mandala rep-resenting the four