Ground Floor

Farming Implements,Pots and Vessels (Ground Floor)

Below the arms and armour gallery, there are two cell rooms, where it is said to have been used to keep prisoners of wars(PoW) during the time of internal and external strife. Today, these rooms houses various types of canon guns, spears, match lock guns and other weapons that were used during the olden days.

Near the exit on the ground floor are number of large vessels/containers on display. These vessels were used principally for water storage owing to great distance one has to travel to fetch water, or to cook food for large gatherings. These large vessels, made of copper and bronze, were kept by wealthy families. They are examples of Bhutanese metalwork before the advent of modern technology. Also on display are various household items used in a Bhutanese home, viz. lamp, wine containers (made of wood, bamboo and buffalo horn), weighing tools, pots and urns belonging to different era.

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