Second Floor

On the 2nd floor, there is a rich collection of Bhutanese stamps that were issued by the country’s postal service to commemorate a range of subjects including classic automobiles, Bhutanese wildlife, Royal family coronations and births, international sporting events, space travel, images of Yeti, eight lucky signs and more. Famous for their beauty and collectable, Bhutan’s stamps are highly desirable and very enjoyable to look at. There is a unique stamp on display that plays Bhutan’s national anthem when opened, and is one of a kind in the world. Also on display in this gallery are Jewelleries like rings, earrings, bangles, amulets(Gau), Koma(brooches) with Jabtha and Rumnang and sword and belt(patang and losey) used by man and woman. Many beautiful examples of silver brooches with gold plating are on display in the gallery. There are also Numismatic collections, wooden cups known as Zaphorp. One can also see the initiation of currency in Bhutan which began with small coins. There are also different types of tea kettles made of different materials used in various occasions on display.

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