December 14, 2017

Second Floor

Natural History Gallery and Ritual Objects (2nd floor)

Bhutan boasts a great variety of plants and animals that thrive in a range of environments from tropical jungle (Southern Bhutan) to high snow bound mountains (Northern Bhutan). The Royal Government of Bhutan has created one nature reserve, four wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks to preserve and protect its extensive bio-diversity. This protected land amounts to approximately 35 percent of the country. Bhutan has also created a network of biological corridors linking all of the protected areas to facilitate animal migration and access to seasonal food supplies with our acls course .

The Museum contains some preserved specimens and trophies of such animals as the Takin, Bhutan’s national animal, snow leopards, deer, a crocodile, butterflies, and birds. Be sure to note the Bhutan Glory, a species of butterfly unique to Bhutan in the world.

Rites are performed for major life events such as birth, death, marriage, promotion, illness etc. These rites require the use of implements or objects by the presiding monk. This gallery contains examples of ritual objects such as cymbals, daggers, thunderbolts, robes, headdresses, musical instruments and drums appropriate to a range of Buddhist ceremonies.