Star of the Museum


One of the most important artifacts/precious items that is preserved in the National Museum of Bhutan is an egg of a mule. In fact, it would have raised many question and doubts, especially among the foreign visitors as to whether the mule had really laid an egg. But for the Bhutanese, it has been awe-inspiring to have such a precious item kept in the National Museum as one of the most important national treasure. For decades, it would have been the most important item which attracted the attention of all the visitors, and it will remain so. However the fascination about this could be overshadowed by the doubts whether it is really an egg laid by mule. Therefore it is important that a history on its origin is recorded before it becomes difficult to get the first hand information when the descendants of the family from where this item originated are still living. But whatever attempt has been made is basically based on the information collected from the oral history from those who know about it the best. There has not been any written record even at the place of its origin. The information collected thus is corroborated with the pictorial evidences for authenticity.



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